Power Prash is Best Ayurvedic Supplement for Man & Woman Wellness

Power Prash is an excellent choice for Man & Woman Wellness. This is purely made up of extreme herbs, which is gives you natural strength and enhances stamina. It also improves blood circulation & regulates it.

Power Prash is a special Ayurvedic Prash to expand energy and vitality in men. It is specifically formulated using Shuddh Shilajit, Safed musli, Ashwagandha, Gokhru, and different herbs that have been utilized for quite a long time in Ayurveda. These herbs improve men's solidarity, endurance, and in general wellbeing. They likewise help pressure decrease and tension easing prompting expanded energy levels in men. Lack of exercise can cause man wellness feelings of fatigue and a poor self-image, which leads to lower satisfaction, These Herbs help to gain physical & mental health, Power Prash gives you ultimate pleasure overall health.

It works very effectively. Power Prash can be consumed regularly for a longer amount of time, it’s a natural solution with zero side effects.

Note :- We suggest a consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor before the utilization of these items as each body and individual is remarkable. For a free consultation with our in-house physician please call us on +91 - 92 12 600 900 or email us on Buypowerprash@gmail.com



Power Prash is the best natural Supplement, It is very useful for men as well as women.



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Power Prash is effective in -

Power Prash

- Improves blood circulation
- Natural solution with zero side effects
- Enhance overall physical health
Power Prash Quantity

- 1 jar of 250 gms

Price - Rs. 999.00
Delivery Charges - Rs.150.00

Power Prash Using Process

1 spoon Power Prash post half an hour of dinner with 1 glass of milk/juice.

Who can use?

- Anyone above the age of 18
- Diabetic patient must consume under medical supervision
- Pregnant female must avoid the use of it

Name in Hindi/Sanskrit Part used Botanical name Quantity mg
Aswangandha Root Withania Somnifera 600 mg
Satawar Root Aspargus Recemosa 150 mg
Kawanch Seed Mucuna Prurita 250 mg
Safed Musli Root Chlorophytum Arundnacium 250 mg
Beej Band Seed Sida cordifolia 175 mg
Vidarikand kand Purreria tuberose 150 mg
Talmakhana seed Asterazantha longifolia 50 mg
Akarkarbha Root Anacyclus pyrethrum 100 mg
Gokhru fruit Tribulus terrestris 70 mg
Brahmi Whole Plant Bacopa monnieri 50 mg
PiplI Root Piper longum 50 mg
Jaiphal Seed Myristica fragrance 50 mg
Dalchini Bark Cinnamomum zeylanica 50 mg
Javitri Phal vestan Myristica fragrams 15 mg
Sonth Rhizome Zingiber officinelis 100 mg
Pippali Fruit Piper longum 20 mg
Nagkeshar fruit Mesua ferrea 15 mg

Name in Hindi/Sanskrit Part used Botanical name Quantity mg
Shilajit niryas Asphalatum punjabium 100 mg
Tejpatra leaves Cinnamomum tamala 50 mg
Gangeran Root Grewia hirsute 100 mg
Mulethi Root Glycyrrhiza glabra 150 mg
Shankhpushpi whole plant Convolvulus pluricaulis 100 mg
Elaichi Seed Elettaria cardamomum 4 mg
Marich Fruit Piper nigram 20 mg
Kesar stigma Crocus sativus 1 mg
Laung pusp kalika Syzygium aromaticum 25 mg
Vanslochna Fruit Vitis vinifera 100 mg
Abhrak Bhasm --- Classical Formulation 25 mg
Muktasukti Bhasm ---- Classical Formulation 25 mg
Vang Bhasm ------ Classical Formulation 25 mg
Amla Fruit pulp Emblica officinalis 3 gm
Sarkara stem juice Sachrum officinarum 4 gm
Til Oil Sesaman indicum 100 mg